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Our Bishop Visitor Queens Jubilee message

From our Bishop Visitor
On the Occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of the Sovereign
On behalf of the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade, I offer thanks to Almighty God for the work of His grace in the life and reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose Platinum Jubilee as Monarch we celebrate at this time.
As spiritual preparation for her Coronation in 1953, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher, gave to Princess Elizabeth a small book of Private Devotions: prayers and scriptural readings to be used from 01 May until the Coronation on 02 June. These served as a guide for the awesome responsibilities of monarchy, drawing on the relationship of human authority to the authority of God from which it is derived. Within the ceremony of Coronation came the rite of Anointing, in which the Archbishop marked the Queen, wearing a simple white dress without regal robes, on hands and head with sacred oil. To be anointed is to be set apart for a special task by God, as Christ, ‘the anointed one’, was marked by the Holy Spirit at His baptism, and as all Christians are marked or anointed with oil at baptism.
In these simple yet beautiful acts, we see the priestly task of the Christian sovereign, who is given a unique authority to lead and to care in God’s name. The Queen has reflected on her Anointing as the ‘inward and spiritual’ substance of sovereignty, with the Crowning as the ‘outward and secular’ aspect. But the Crowning too is priestly, as Archbishop Fisher made clear in the Private Devotions. He wrote: ‘There is another crown, the crown of thorns: its wearer wore it for an unworthy people and, by wearing it, made a way for their return to God.’
Queens and Kings, like Priests, are called to a way of life that is deeply sacrificial. There must have been times over the past 70 years when the royal crown seemed very heavy indeed. We can only be immensely grateful that our Queen has worn it faithfully as our anointed sovereign and, in so doing, has exemplified for her people a life of Christian service under the grace of Almighty God.
+ Peter Sodor as Mannin
Bishop-Visitor, CLCGB
02 June 2022

Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee


Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June. Her reign is the longest of any British monarch, so it’s the first time our nation’s celebrated a Platinum Jubilee.

We want to see all your events, activities, colouring, and pictures of celebrating this amazing achievement.  Send them into and we will share them on our website and across social media.


AGM Minutes 2022

Following the Annual General Meeting which took place on 30 April the minutes have now been published and can be accessed alongside the other documents tabled at the meeting by clicking on the following link:  folder AGM 2022

Rob Bolton RIP

Rob Bolton RIP With great regret, we share the news that Rob Bolton has passed away peacefully aged 73. The contribution he made to preserving the history of the CLCGB, and indeed the wider Brigade movement is incalculable. His first book, ‘Boys of the Brigade’ in 1991 set the standard of his work with the CLCGB that followed to this day. He was the inaugural Chairman of the Church Lads' & Church Girls' Brigade Historical Group from its formation in 1996. Often called upon by a succession of NHQ staff for historical advice, it was always freely given. There is so much more I could say, but words simply fail me at this sad time.

In 2002 Rob was responsible for helping set up the Brigade Memorial Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum and maintaining it ever since.

The funeral will be in two parts:-

Firstly, cremation at Streetly Crematorium, Walsall at 13.45 on Monday 30th May.

Secondly, a Thanksgiving Service at Lanesfield Methodist Church Wolverhampton at 15.30.  This service is being streamed online: to access click on the following link:

The crematorium chapel holds 100 so there should be space for those who wish to attend. There is more space at the Thanksgiving Service.

Some refreshments after the Thanksgiving Service will be arranged once a venue is found. 

Truly a great loss to the Brigade as he led many to Fight the Good Fight.

May Rob rest in Peace and rise in Glory

New badges added to Stores

We have recently added the following new badges to CLCGB Stores.

  • The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee badge
  • Brigade Crest badge.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee badge should be worn for one year only, on the left sleeve above the cuff. All Platinum Jubilee badges have been posted out to OIC’S so you should have received them by now. Please order through stores should you require any additional badges.

The Brigade Crest badge is to be used for apparel/Clergy stole’s/anoraks etc. But should NOT be used on CLCGB uniform.

Both badges can be found on stores under Badges/Misc-Event Badges (the link is below).

In addition to these, there is one badge that will not be available to purchase through stores. This is the Covid Recognition badge. This badge is to be awarded by nomination only. If you know of someone who went above and beyond during the Covid Lockdown please let me know who they are and what they did. I will create a certificate of recognition and send with the Covid badge, either direct to the recipient or to yourself for presentation.

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