Young leaders

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Young Leaders are highly valued within the CLCGB.

Often they have been with the CLCGB for some time and have left the Seniors at 21yrs and moved on to train as leaders, this is not always the case because the CLCGB welcomes any young adult who supports its aims and beliefs and wishes to join!

Whilst attending regular group (company) meetings Young Leaders can help run activities with the support of Leaders. They will however, alongside this hands on experience receive the formal Brigade training and be DBS checked. In time Young Leaders are able to mature and take on greater roles and responsibilities within their groups and become leaders in their own right.

The CLCGB sees the Young Leaders as a vital part of our stucture, they are the future and can offer our members, both young and old, new skills and challenges.

The CLCGB is also a great place to learn new skills and to use knowledge and leaning in your working life.  Having voluntary experience in a youth work setting is also good for your curriculum vitae.

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