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October 2016

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Game - Crazy Post

Crazy Post 1. Each postwoman collects letters from the Post Office one at a time. 2. There are 32 letters, each with the name of a different town. 3. Each letter must be posted in the proper letter... read more..

Games - Cups and Saucers

Cups and Saucers Age Range: 7 to 11 Place enough small flexi cones on the floor so that there are at least one for each child. Half of them need to be placed on the floor in the normal way, and half... read more..

Games - Blackout

Blackout You'll need a few scarves, pieces of cloth etc for a blindfold. Pick around 2-5 kids (depending on how many are in your group/class) and blindfold them up. Then get the others to find a spa... read more..

Craft - Easter egg-people

Easter egg-people Why: To show we are happy because Jesus is alive.With: Card ovals (egg shapes) in different colours, wiggly eyes, stickers, wool, chenille wires, glue, glitterDuration: 5 minutesDes... read more..

Christian Resource - Palm Prayer Points

Palm prayer points WHY - to use our hands to remember the story and take it into our lives Ask the children to raise their hands to show their palms. Ask: ‘What happens when we put our palms togeth... read more..

Craft - Easter Jesus died but God brought him back to life again

In this Easter Craft Jesus died but God brought him back to life again, cutting out to replace the scenes following colouring the pictures in. To download click on the following link:  pdf ... read more..

Craft - Easter - Turn bad news into good Origami

This craft session will turn paper into an artwork. To download the one page instruction click here:  pdf Easter Craft - Origami (73 KB) ... read more..

Resources - Ideas for church halloween party

This resource is great if you are thinking about ideas for Halloween.  The 2 page leaflet can be downloaded by clicking on the following link read more..

Winners of the Anniversary Badge and Medal

The winners of the 125th Anniversary Badge and Medal Competition have been selected. There were over 100 entries for both the Badge and the Medal.  Due to the high quality of entries it was very hard... read more..

Happy New Year to the JLGB

We wish the JLGB a Happy New Year, to celebrate their new year they have published a new year newsletter to view this click on the following link: read more..

National Band Weekend

Our next weekend is: 4th November – 6th November 2016 At Raywell Park, near Beverley New members welcomeCost - £30, including accommodation and all meals Contact Natalie Squires for more informat read more..

Theology Papers from the Children's Society

The Children’s Society have just published their latest set of theology papers (with discussion guide) focussing on the importance of listening to children and young people can be found by clicking on... read more..

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