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for 13-21 year olds

The Seniors welcomes young teenagers as they approach adulthood and encourages them to develop further the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become confident and responsible young adults and members of Church and society.

Wherever possible, opportunity is given to build up leadership skills, help with other Sections within the Brigade Company participate in camps, sports, bands and other activities which take them beyond their local group to national and international levels.

At this age range, Seniors are recognised as being able to determine their own agenda for both learning and activity. They may engage in the Award schemes, but also plan their own sporting, social and skills programme in collaboration with their Brigade leaders.

There are three award schemes on offer for this age range

Team Challenge

Designed to give young Seniors the chance to work in teams of four to eight to meet challenges they have chosen themselves under four headings: Community, Faith in Action, Physical and Skills

Achievement Awards

Move the emphasis towards personal choices and self direction as members are encouraged to identify targets to achieve in Faith in Action, Healthy Living, Skills, Helping Others and Meeting New People

Duke of Edinburgh Award

CLCGB is an Operating Authority for this Award which is similar in concept to our own Achievement Awards but includes an Expedition/Exploration at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Young Leader Training

Young Leader training is also available which, in conjunction with the award schemes, is designed to equip the young adults to lead others and be part of a team of leaders within the Brigade and in wider society.

Our leaders seek to create a caring and safe environment in which friendship between children, young people and adults can be established. They help young people to: 

  • grow in confidence;
  • develop their skills and abilities;
  • work together and show care and concern for others;
  • explore their spirituality and respond to the challenges of the Christian faith;
  • develop their moral values and a respect for the environment.

Leaders' and helpers' training programmes are accredited and are nationally recognised qualifications.  They receive an Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau as part of their induction process.

To register your child please complete the online form found by clicking here.

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