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Easter egg-people

Why: To show we are happy because Jesus is alive.With: Card ovals (egg shapes) in different colours, wiggly eyes, stickers, wool, chenille wires, glue, glitterDuration: 5 minutesDescription: 1 Have any of the children had chocolate eggs for Easter? (You may be able to see the evidence without asking!) Talk about how we give Easter eggs at Easter and that makes us happy, but there is an even better reason to be happy. The best news about Easter is that Jesus is alive. 2 Let each of the children choose an egg shape and decorate it to make happy Easter-egg people. Give them wiggly eyes and a smiley mouth, and use fun things to give them hair (glitter, chenille wires, wool, and so on). 3 Why do the egg people look so happy? So that we can look at them and remember Jesus is alive. When the children take their egg people home, they will be able to tell their friends and families – so they can be happy too!

Themes: Cares, Jesus, Easter

Extra ideas

Luke 19:28-40 Luke 22:7–23

Make mini palm trees using kitchen roll tubes and green paper. Each palm tree could have four green leaves with part of Luke 19:38 on each one: ‘God bless the king/ who comes in the name of the Lord!/ Peace in heaven/ and glory to God!’

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