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Volunteers week survey results

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Volunteers' Week 2017 – Survey Results

The main benefit of Volunteers’ week to participating organisations:

  • Recognising the contribution of volunteers 93%
  • Raising the profile of their organisation 43%
  • Recruitment of volunteers 31%

Support provided by NCVO:

  • 60% said the support they received was ‘good’, with 25% saying ‘very good’. No one said the support was 'poor' or 'very poor'


  • 69% reported they ran events during the week.

These included:

  • Volunteering fairs, open days, recruitment events, conferences & training events
  • Thank-you parties, celebrations, festivals and award ceremonies
  • Breakfasts, coffee mornings, lunches, tea parties, barbecues and & picnics
  • Group walks, quiz events, boat trips, film screenings and community clean ups
  • And some more unusual events like a Ukulele concert and participation at a scarecrow festival!

Event’s map:

  • 32% used the Volunteers’ week map but only 25% used the map to post events

Resource Pack:

  • 85% said they used the resource pack and 88% said the pack was excellent or good

Volunteers’ Week Website & online resources:

  • 81% rated their experience of website as good or excellent
  • 81% found it ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to access info and resources provided by NCVO. However, 3% indicated they found it ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’
  • Only 18% said the website was important in their decision to get involved. 61% said it inspired them ‘a little’ and 21% said the website did not inspire them to get involved
  • 54% said the website helps to celebrate and champion volunteering a lot. 35% a little
  • The most important support that the website provided was the ability to download the resource pack (75% ranked this first). This was followed by being able to access other resources for volunteer managers and then to be able to read interesting and inspiring stories

Volunteers’ Week Pinterest Board:

  • Only 18% said they had viewed our Pinterest board.

Feedback on the date of Volunteers' week 2017:

  • Some felt the date / time of year should be changed so that it doesn't clash with half term / school holidays or exam period. There was no particular consensus on when the new date should be.

Our plans / how we are using this information:

As well as wanting to improve in the areas where we are already doing well – we also want to work on those areas where there is some need for development.

In response to feedback one of the key areas we are currently focusing on is the Volunteers’ Week website. We want the website to inspire and to champion volunteering and your volunteers’ much more, so we are currently gathering user feedback as to how to improve the website for 2018.

  • We have interviewed a number of users to gain more in-depth feedback.
  • We are looking at what functions the site needs and how we can improve usability.
  • We are looking at how we can improve the events map so that more of you can use this to both find events and post your events.
  • We will also be looking into an alternative to Pinterest.

Regarding the date of Volunteers' Week, we do appreciate the difficulties that some of you have had. We want to reassure you that we do take on your concerns. However, Volunteers' week is very well established, both nationally and internationally. With a few exceptions, since its launch in 1984 the campaign dates have always been 1-7 June. We know that organisations have already started planning around these dates for 2018. We have therefore decided to continue with the 1-7 June as this does not coincide with other national or UK awareness-raising weeks.

Thank you once again for all your feedback and for your participation in Volunteers’ Week 2017. We look forward to working with you to create an even better Volunteers' Week in 2018!

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