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The CLCGB is an Operating Authority for this Award which is similar in concept to our own Achievement Awards but includes an Expedition/Exploration at Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels.

Within the CLCGB many of our leaders are Duke of Edinburgh assessors and groups (companies) often work together with their members to complete the Awards. Working together helps members form friendships and team building skills. Members are given the opportunity to decide just where their expeditions take them and also how they can develop their own personal skills and contibute to their community.

Latest news

D of E New Enrolment forms

D of E have published new enrolment forms.  To download a copy you need to be logged into the website and click on Documents, D of E Documents.  Or click here to go directly to the page if logged in.

There is now an eDofE Technical help desk the number is 01908 55 22 59.

The number will be available through a button ‘For Assistance Click here’ on the eDofE sign in screen and under ‘Help’ on the left hand menu once signed in.  It will give the following information:

If you are experiencing technical issues with eDofE please contact Bluecube Technology Solutions, who have a dedicated technical support line.  The number is 01908 55 22 59 (available Monday - Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

If your query relates to directly to the DofE, rather than a technical issue, please contact the DofE via the following link:

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Practice Expedition Report

From Saturday 9th July to Tuesday 12th, I, along with five other members of my team (and close friends, one of whom I have met through the award scheme) embarked on a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Practice Expedition to the rugged and awe-inspiring environment of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. There, with all the equipment and supplies we would need for four days of solid walking stowed in hefty rucksacks, including tents, cookers, food, spare clothing and more, we set off happy and assured that our experience from previous expeditions would see us through. Not only that, we knew the training provided by our dedicated and highly competent leader Richie Clarke would assist us to no end in completing our demanding task at hand.

Needless to say, the Gold section earned its reputation as the foremost award available to the young people of Britain, the Practice Expedition alone proving to be both a challenging and decidedly rewarding experience. As a group we had to brave blisters, endure hard climbs under the watch of a burning midday sun, disregard the constant itch of insect bites, keep our heads when losing direction, and survive the horror that is camping food.

Nevertheless, the experience was equally enjoyable, offering unique views of the Welsh valleys and mountains carved out by glaciers as they continued their slow, relentless march into our island during the last ice age. We as a group also learned more about each other, and grew to appreciate the various roles we play during the expedition to ensure a successful outcome, such as map reading, cooking, and taking bearings using a compass.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has provided me with invaluable life skills, such as experience camping outdoors, service for the community, the development of interests, and much more. I would urge anyone between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four who have not already done so like so many others to join the award scheme that will not only set you up for life with a good CV, but also equip you with essential life skills, and the opportunity to make friends.

James Sexty



For all your CLCGB D of E needs please do not hesitate to contact Richie Clarke on

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