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St Andrew's Church Brigade band marches to fifth national title

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St Andrew's Church Lads' & Church Girls' Brigade (CLCGB) marching band featured in The York Press this week for taking part at the National Band Competition last month. 

Despite being one of the smaller bands in the competition, this year's success was the band's fifth win in eight years.

Andrew Stubbs, the band leader, said: "Along with trophies for brass, drill, marching display, mallets and general musical effect there were individual victories with tenor-drummer Faye Milne and the band's youngest member, ten-year-old side-drummer Ben Seymour, both taking home prizes."

Mr Stubbs thanked Peter Thompson for allowing the band space to rehearse free of charge, and said "without this, there would have been no routine".
The full story can be found on The York Press website by clicking here.
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