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Gareth Campbell

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Who am I?

Hello! I’m Gareth, 22 years old and originally from Scunthorpe. However, I now live in London as I study Biomedical Sciences at UCL.

What do I bring to the Brigade?

I am currently a co-opted Youth Member of the Brigade Council and the Staff and Finance Committee, as well as temporarily chairing “The Way Forward” Group. By being involved in this way, I endeavour to highlight areas within the Brigade that need greater attention and propose solutions to problems that may arise. This is all in an attempt to develop the Brigade to ensure it can be as beneficial to our children and young people as possible and also to ensure we appeal to a wide variety of people.

How did I get involved with the Brigade?

My parents were both involved with the Brigade when I was born, so it feels as if I have always been involved too! I started attending as a member when I was 4 years old…

What do I enjoy about the Brigade?

As a young member, what was not to enjoy?! I think my personal highlights would have been the array of Camps that I attended. Now, I enjoy attending events that help bring people from different aspects of the Brigade’s community together. I particularly enjoyed the Interfaith Weekend that was held in October 2013 alongside the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade.

If you would like to contact me about anything I have mentioned above, or if you have any thoughts that you would like me to bring to the attention of Brigade Council, my email address is:

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