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NE Camp Newsletter

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The latest North East Camp Newsletter is now available to download.  In this edition Clare Davison tells us how many shoes a girl must take to camp, Mike Perry gives us an insight to the music at camp, Adrian Dines shares his long journeys to camp and much more.

To download the latest edition click the following link:  default  NE Camp Newsletter 5

Previous editions


Issue 4 -  default  NE Camp Newsletter 4

In this edition Danny Gillet writes about the Polo the mint with a hole, Sarah Rycroft explains her apprehensions of attending camp at first but now couldn't live without NE Camp and Derrick Jackson writes about his recent fundraising walk to the highest mountain in the world Mount Kilimanjaro and much more.




Issue 3 -  default  NE Camp Newsletter 3

This edition we hear from Nikki Gould a leader of St.James Brightlingsea.  Craig Harris writes about being 12 years and 98 days when he first went to camp and much more.



Issue 2 -  default  NE Camp Newsletter 2

North East Camp newsletter 2.  March 2013



Issue 1 -  default  NE Camp Newsletter 1

The first edition of North East Camp News.



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