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Annual returns 2013 FAQ's

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Annual Returns 2013 Frequently asked questions.

We have published some FAQ's to the recent Annual returns for 2013 to answer some of the most popular questions.

Why do we have to pay twice this year?

No, previously annual returns were collected a year in arrears.  Brigade Council made the decision in 2012 to try and generate a steady income flow and also to assist companies who struggle to complete the returns as soon as the Brigade year is starting back up in September.

My company doesn't have enough funds to pay now?

If your company is unable to pay the full amount now, please speak to NHQ as soon as possible to organise a payment plan or to defer payment.

Why are the fee's going up?

The CLCGB have held their prices for a number of years now and as an organisation costs have increased such as postage, company support etc.  Therefore a decision was made to increase the fee's in 2013.  This is to help the CLCGB continue and going for growth in the UK.  Investing in more training materials and to produce more training courses to build our leaders and young people, supporting the most improved attendance throughout the year with monetary prizes, processing CRB form's for every leader and paying and ensuring insurance cover is there for each company and camp/outdoor activity we hold.

When do my returns need to be paid?

All returns must be sent to NHQ by 31st January 2013.  Any companies who do not return their returns by this date maybe left un-insured.

Where can I download the annual return documents?

To download the forms and a letter from the Brigade Secretary Annual Returns 2013.

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