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Gift Aid can generate further valued income for each Brigade unit from donations.

We have recently discovered that the submission period for Gift Aid has altered.  We can now only claim four years in retrospect.

HMRC have sent a table of submission dates and you will see the vast difference in the time scale.  You will note that the claim has to be with HMRC no later than four years after the relevant tax year end.

Year of claim Old time limit New time limit

Year ended 5th April 2004 - 31st January 2010 - 31st January 2010

Year ended 5th April 2005 - 31st January 2011 - 31st March 2010

Year ended 5th April 2006 - 31st January 2012 - 5th April 2010

Year ended 5th April 2007 - 31st January 2013 - 5th April 2011

Year ended 5th April 2008 - 5th April 2012

Year ended 5th April 2009 5th April 2013

For further information about Gift Aid or any of the above please contact Claire at NHQ.

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