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St Crispins Braunstone, Fence Project

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Craft Project for Members of St Crispins CL&CGB

The Object was to create a fence

The idea of this fence was taken from the internet and adapted for us as we have adopted a small piece of land on the church property and are putting our mark on it as our bee and bug garden.


Materials needed    a few good quality pallets to dismantle

                                    Some 3 x 2 lengths of timber (rails)


                                    Paint and brushes


There was a fair bit of preparation needed before brigade activity i.e. dismantling pallets and cutting to appropriate lengths, we also assembled the rails to where the fence was going to be sited.

Although we didn’t, in hindsight we would advise to predrill the wooden top caps in correct places.

The centre part of the fence was made using two pieces of ¾ marine ply (scavenged)

The name was printed out a letter at a time by the computer and each letter was cut out and placed in appropriate place drawn around.

The next job was to use a jigsaw fitted with a scroll saw blade to very carefully cut out the letters.

This cutout was then fastened to the other piece of ply.

On Brigade night each member had one upright, one cap, one pot of paint, one predrilled plant pot, and appropriate screws

  • 1 First task was to attach top cap to the upright (we didn’t and ended up screwing them together while some were still wet)
  • 2 Each member than selects a colour to paint the upright (our members only painted the front and sides and not the back as this is the neighbour’s side)
  • 3 Swap paint pot and brush with another member to complete painting the cap a different colour
  • 4 Screw plant pot to the front of the upright.  (we used terracotta pots, but these are very fragile (metal pots would be better)
  • 5 Pot up whatever plants you have
  • 6 Fasten to fence rails (we used a spare upright to get the spacing)
  • 7 the neighbour’s side was then painted black.

This concludes the actual fence build.

The next task was to paint the inner parts of the wording on sign so each member would use their pot of paint to carefully fill in the letters in the various colours.  There was a little bit of work done by adult member  i.e., fastening uprights to rails although this could be done by competent seniors and finishing the painting of the rails and/or back of fence.

Altogether a very satisfying project which for one showed the area that the Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade is active in that area to church members and passing public (depending where activity is taking place)

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