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Percy Donald Bickerton (Don) Obituary

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A message from Louise Martin, daughter of the late Percy Donald Bickerton.

I write with reference to my father Mr Percy Donald Bickerton (Don) who was a captain with the CLB for many years at Christ the King, Aldersley, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. I wish to inform you that he passed away on 20th April 2022. He was diagnosed with dementia approx 5 years ago which left him housebound. Although he did suffer towards the end of his life he remained very cheerful and happy ‘with his lot’ and enjoyed more time with his family during his confinement. The funeral is to be held at Christ the King on Monday 13th June at 12.15 at Christ the King and should any member of the brigade want to attend they would be most welcome. I know that after his group closed he used to go to brigade camp, each year, with the 1st Chester CLB to Prestatyn and other places. If they could be informed I would be most grateful.

Richie Clarke from Bebbington Company paid respect by saying:

We have many happy memories from our Annual Camps. I remember my first night duty was with Don. I was a sergeant at the time and at around 2am wondered where Captain Don was. I found him asleep on a camp bed in the mess ! Rest In Peace Don"

Also Colin Malone said:

"RIP Sir, Thank you for your service to the Brigade"

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Brigade HQ for more information.


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