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Liz Butterfield MBE - RIP

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It is with much sadness that we learnt of the loss of Liz Butterfield.

Liz had been a member of Brigade for 63 years, starting at St Nicholas Elstree in Hertfordshire and moving to Roxeth & Harrow, Middlesex in 1995. She served loyally for the remaining 26 years and became the longest serving Commanding Officer in Roxeth & Harrow’s history at 23 years. She also held staff positions with the London Regiment and received the Officers’ Service Medal and Brigade Cross. Harrow Council awarded her a Lifetime achievement award and made her a ‘Harrow Hero’ in 2018.

Liz joined the Brigade Council when she became a Deputy Governor in 2008 and in 2013, she became Governor. In 2020 Liz stepped back to Deputy Governor and served in this position until she passed away.

Liz has left behind a lasting legacy of love and service, and it was announced in June that she would be the proud recipient of an MBE.

At this time, we ask all of Brigade to hold Liz and her family in our prayers.


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