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Camping Challenge

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Leaders please share with your members:
Let’s see how many of you take on this challenge! To complete this all you need to do is camp in your own home, this should include:
1. Packing a bag.
2. Building a den in your home, pitching a tent in the garden or making a bed in the living room.
3. Doing some camp activities such as making s'mores or building a real/fake camp fire. Get creative!
4. Sleeping in your den, tent or make-shift bed.
Make sure you share a creative photo or video on the Facebook Group or email to NHQ! Everyone who participates will get a virtual certificate for joining in.
Here is a OneDrive with ideas and printable's:!AjO0pHvj6wid8zyCBEGlGODq3zJF?e=CAtgcS
You have until 3rd May, can't wait to see all your creative camp nights!

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