Will I have fun?

Will I try new activities and challenges?
Will I be welcome?

Yes, Yes, Yes, absolutely yes and all with those of a similar age in a safe, well-run environment.
All our leaders are vetted, DBS checked, and follow the Anglican church ethos.

So try us out, the journey starts here: Find Your Local Group

“It feels nice to be part of a group who help each other and are friendly. It makes me feel special.” 

Maddison, aged 10.

What do the clergy think?

“I have been involved with CLCGB since 1969 and have seen how precious it was and what a difference it made in my Parish, All Saints & Martyrs Langley, which had a huge Company. It brings what young people need to young people, it gives them friendship, it gives them fellowship and fun."

Bishop Jack Nichols

The Benefits of CLCGB To Your Church Are... 


Can I help out or start a group?

Oh Yes! 

CLCGB are here to help you set up a new group in your Church. We support you so it's easy.

Before you know it, you will be the catalyst for young people engaging in activities with the Church and wanting to be there!. 

Or want to volunteer? Thankyou so much! Find out how here.

"Starting a new group was easy with the assistance from the CLCGB, and the activities and resources available to us."

The fun
starts here!

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for 7-10 year olds

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CLCGB Seniors
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Latest News

Christian Resources - ROOTS

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ROOTS resources and magazine is a great way to link in our program to the C of E's bible readings and the lectionary.  ROOTS publish a monthly newsletter for free which anyone can sign up too.

This months latest update can be found below.


Sacred and secular

Bringing a Christian voice to secular festivals

We shape our lives through the sacred and secular calendars, using them to mark out time and find meaning in the rhythms and patterns of the year. Our celebrations are a mixture of Christian and secular: Easter, Valentine's Day, Pentecost and Remembrance Sunday.

How can we bring a Christian voice to the festivals, celebrations and commemorations that take place outside our churches? Tim Stratford, Archdeacon of Leicester, has written an introductory article which explores how weaving the sacred into the secular can help to make sense of our human condition, our joys and fears.



This simple diagram shows the rhythms and patterns of the lectionary and secular years.

Download the diagram now (PDF): 'Our journey through the year'



Week of Prayer for Christian Unity


The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally observed from 18-25 January. We're delighted to have produced the worship resources for the Week, in conjunction with our ecumenical partners Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).


Download the all-age worship resources here (opens as PDF)



Our Lenten journey for children


On our journey to our ‘Easter encounter’ with Jesus, we will hear some sad and searching stories that might make us feel like crying, as Jesus did. So each week we will make and decorate a teardrop, and create a road of tears to represent our journey to Jerusalem. On Easter Day we will transform the road of tears into flowers of joy and praise.


This Lenten journey has been devised by Elaine Halls, a Methodist minister based in Jersey.  



Responding to the Bible reading each week


Each week the ROOTS resources offer ideas for activities and participation during worship, helping everyone to make a personal response to the reading. The response activities for 24-30 April 2016 explore Jesus's farewell to his disciples from John's gospel and the giving of a new commandment - to love one another.        


In Adult & All Age, Active worship offers ideas to engage different ages, spiritual styles and learning preferences, including a Simple worship activity for all ages, often something that people can participate in from their seat.


In Children & Young People, it's easy to keep sessions fresh and varied, with a range of different types of activities, games and prayers, which provide plenty of material for both Sunday and midweek. The Explore & respond resources follow the simple format of Do, Make, Pray and Sing.


ROOTS resources are published in two magazines - Adult & All Age and Children & Young People, plus a supporting website. If you'd like a free sample magazine, phone 0845 680 5317 or email rootssales@rootsontheweb.com to request a copy. 

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