Will I have fun?

Will I try new activities and challenges?
Will I be welcome?

Yes, Yes, Yes, absolutely yes and all with those of a similar age in a safe, well-run environment.
All our leaders are vetted, DBS checked, and follow the Anglican church ethos.

So try us out, the journey starts here: Find Your Local Group

“It feels nice to be part of a group who help each other and are friendly. It makes me feel special.” 

Maddison, aged 10.

What do the clergy think?

“I have been involved with CLCGB since 1969 and have seen how precious it was and what a difference it made in my Parish, All Saints & Martyrs Langley, which had a huge Company. It brings what young people need to young people, it gives them friendship, it gives them fellowship and fun."

Bishop Jack Nichols

The Benefits of CLCGB To Your Church Are... 


Can I help out or start a group?

Oh Yes! 

CLCGB are here to help you set up a new group in your Church. We support you so it's easy.

Before you know it, you will be the catalyst for young people engaging in activities with the Church and wanting to be there!. 

Or want to volunteer? Thankyou so much! Find out how here.

"Starting a new group was easy with the assistance from the CLCGB, and the activities and resources available to us."

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Latest News

All Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs

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All Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs
5.30pm – 7pm, Tuesday 11th February
Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons

The CLCGB have been offered a place to attend a session on young people’s skills and the transition from education into employment. We will discuss the Government’s position on apprenticeships and traineeships and their priorities for skills and further education provision for young people. We also hope to have a representative from the Opposition present to discuss the Labour Party’s approach to developing young people’s skills and training.

The APPG on Youth Affairs is an unusual group as it regularly hosts lively debates between Ministers, parliamentarians and young people. The group is supported by the British Youth Council, the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, and the YMCA. Alongside a range of young people’s organisations, they draw upon their membership to promote the participation of those who are personally affected by youth issues and about which they have possible solutions.

There will not be a formal pre-meet for young people ahead of the session, but we will circulate information in advance of the session, in order to help young people prepare. 

If you would like to attend and represent the CLCGB please contact Audrey as soon as possible on audrey@clcgb.org.uk.  

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