Will I have fun?

Will I try new activities and challenges?
Will I be welcome?

Yes, Yes, Yes, absolutely yes and all with those of a similar age in a safe, well-run environment.
All our leaders are vetted, DBS checked, and follow the Anglican church ethos.

So try us out, the journey starts here: Find Your Local Group

“It feels nice to be part of a group who help each other and are friendly. It makes me feel special.” 

Maddison, aged 10.

What do the clergy think?

“I have been involved with CLCGB since 1969 and have seen how precious it was and what a difference it made in my Parish, All Saints & Martyrs Langley, which had a huge Company. It brings what young people need to young people, it gives them friendship, it gives them fellowship and fun."

Bishop Jack Nichols

The Benefits of CLCGB To Your Church Are... 


Can I help out or start a group?

Oh Yes! 

CLCGB are here to help you set up a new group in your Church. We support you so it's easy.

Before you know it, you will be the catalyst for young people engaging in activities with the Church and wanting to be there!. 

Or want to volunteer? Thankyou so much! Find out how here.

"Starting a new group was easy with the assistance from the CLCGB, and the activities and resources available to us."

The fun
starts here!

The Martins
for 5-7 year olds

Experience new challenges

The Y Team
for 7-10 year olds

Jump to the challenge!

for 10-13 year olds

Achieve your goals...

CLCGB Seniors
for 13-21 year olds

Young Leaders & volunteering

Earn your Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Find your local group

Latest News

Accessing BMS Online & Members area

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Please note: this page will answer your questions about accessing the Brigade Membership System (BMS) Online and the members area of the website.

I'm new to the website, what is the members' area?

What is BMS?

How do I access the members' area?

How do I access BMS?

My password hasn't arrived?

I have received my password, but it doesn't work?

Can I change my password?


I'm new to the website, what is the members' area?

The members' area is exclusive to active members of the CLCGB. It contains information and resources that will support them in their role, all CLCGB forms, and giving information on grants, training material etc. Having a members' area also means confidential organisational information can be issued in a secure area.

What is BMS?

BMS stands for Brigade Membership System, accessible by all authorised CLCGB users. BMS enables you to update your own information and the information of those you are responsible for. It is an administrative tool to help you run your company and for Battalions / Regiments and NHQ to help support their local volunteers.

How do I access the members' area?

As long as you are an active member and your contact details are correct on BMS you can request a password and log in. Alternatively you can register by clicking here.

How do I access BMS?

With your unique username and password which was issued visit the following webpage https://www.member.clcgb.org.uk/ and enter the username and password when prompted.

My password hasn't arrived?

If you have not received your password please check your spam/junk mail folder to see if the email containing your password is there.

If you are experiencing problems with the members area if you click on Forgot Login? and this will ask you if you require a username or password, click on the appropriate box and follow the instructions on the screen to recover your username or password.  If you still experience problems logging in please email admin@clcgb.org.uk.

If you are experiencing problems logging into BMS, if you click on Forgot password? this will ask you for your username or email address and click on ok.  An email will be sent to your registered mailbox, if you still experience problems logging in please email admin@clcgb.org.uk.

I have recieved my password but it doesn't work?

If you have received your password and are having difficulty logging in you may find it easier to copy the password from right to left from your notification email and paste it into the login page. Please note the letters 'i', 'l' and 'k' in particular look very similar as upper and lower case. 

Can I change my password?

Yes. After logging in you will have the option to change your password to something more memorable. Password changes can be made by going to 'Update details' once you have logged in. Please remember you must not share your passwords with anyone.


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