Y Team Activities

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To meet the aims of the Y-team and the aims of the Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade, Brigade evenings should be structured and use some of the following methods:

  • Christian Leadership
  • Balanced Programme
  • Awards
  • Uniform
  • Groups
  • Worship

Within the balanced programme groups should be organised to do badge work and non-badge work and where no one type of activity dominates over another.


Some activities that work well with Y-team members are typical at most Brigade companies are:

  • Arts and Crafts for all different occasions. (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Harvest Festival, Bonfire Night, etc.)
  • Indoor games such as, races, team games, hockey, football, basketball/netball, giant games, cricket.
  • Outdoor games such as, hide and seek, cricket, rounders, football.
  • Cooking
  • Badge work

Trips out such as, bowling, ice skating, going to the park, indoor climbing, swimming

To view the Y Team badge scheme click here

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