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125th Anniversary Parade at York Minster

Details of the 125th Anniversary Parade
To be held at York Minster, Deansgate, YO1 7HH
18th November 2017

Travel arrangements are the responsibility of companies or individuals. Coach drop off point will be at Duncombe Place (YO1 7HD) or parking and pick up at Union Terrace (YO31 7ES). The railway station is no more than a 10-minute walk away from the Minster.

12.45 – Form Up

You will need to arrive in good time for the parade, which will assemble at 12.45 on the wide pavement beside the Eye of York (aka Clifford’s Tower YO1 9SA) - this is a small oval of grass in the middle of York Castle's inner bailey.

Order of Parade

  • Combined band
  • National Colours
  • Regimental and Battalion Colours
  • Martins – (with the correct ratio of leaders)
  • Y Team – (with the correct ratio of leaders)
  • JTC – (with the correct ratio of leaders)
  • Seniors
  • Adult leaders 

Once all in order and standing at ease, the following commands will be given – ‘Parade, Parade, Shun.’

March on the Colour Party.’ National, Regimental and Battalion Colours, plus escorts will march on to parade. All Officers Salute.

Parade will form column of route.  Left/Right turn.’ Parade turns, as per Parade Commander’s instructions.

13.15 Step off

‘Parade by the left quick march.’Parade steps off following the combined band and Colour party. The parade will follow the attached route (we are aware that the map image is of poor quality, a readable version will be distributed when available) though the centre of York, supported by a traffic management company who also require 6 to 8 volunteers to help police the parade. Any volunteers would be gratefully received.


The parade will be led by a combined CLCGB band consisting of members from several companies and the CLCGB National Band, hopefully totaling over 60 members. This will be quite a spectacle and will definitely ensure a large audience as we parade through the centre of York. CLCGB musicians are invited to the rehearsal on Sunday 29th October.  The rehearsal will take place between 10.00hrs -14.00hrs at:

           Raywell Park, Raywell, The East Riding of Yorkshire, HU16 5YL

Due to the limited time available, the rehearsal will be intense, therefore, companies should only put forward their more experienced musicians.  Those wishing to participate must attend this rehearsal, as unfortunately, it will not be possible to have a rehearsal on the day. For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Lionel Burdett

13.45 Arrive at York Minster

Make your way into the Minster as directed via the South Door and into the choir stalls. The Martins will be directed to the front of the choir stalls, followed by the Y Team, JTC and Seniors. 

The Colours will march through the choir stalls and exit via the right or left doors, Colours will then be placed in the Nave as only the Queen’s and National Colours will be presented to the altar.

14.15 Service commences

15.15 Service concludes

At the end of the service the Queen’s Colours and National Colours will be returned and all Regimental and Battalion Colours collected.  All Colours will form up and be lowered during the National Anthem.

15.30 Form up outside York Minster

Inspection, March off the Colours and dismissal approx. 30 mins.

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