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Fundraising - Annual Collection

Annual Collection

It is like a piggy bank thing.  You can either do it on an individual or family basis, or or a community basis
Just devote a donation box such as an old smarties tube, and keep making donations every now and then when you come across an unspent coin in your pocket.
Ideal tip - Buy the smartie tubes for your group of church and let adults and children take them on the basis that they will fill them up, you can get around £12 of 20p pieces in a tube.

Fundraising - Cake sale

Cake Sale

Yes, you read that right! Its for a reason that we use the idiom “sells like hot cakes” because cakes definitely do sell.

With just a pinch of decoration, and some delicious homemade cakes, some good cash is flowing your way.

Choose a festive time of the year, for people are likely to buy more at such times.

If not that, candies, crafts, etc., also make for great sales.

Head over to our recipes resources to find what you can bake with your members.


Fundraising - Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash

If you like to have a little fun with water, you will certainly find this idea the easiest way to fundraise.

Along with many more volunteers like you, choose a community place, a church car park whilst an event is ongoing or after church, offer to wash cars for a reasonable charge, and you will see people flocking to get it done. 

Not a very novel idea, but a lucrative one indeed.


Fundraising - Sell

Sell, sell, sell - sales are a very simple, low-maintenance way to collect donations. Jumble sales and car boots are a good staple, but you can add a competition-factor or twist to increase people's engagement for example, with a bake-off or a sale of home-made crafts.

Why not offer to do a stall at the Church Fayre, whilst supporting the church and making money it's a great way of engagement between the Church and Brigade.


Fundraising - You've got talent

You've got talent - talent competitions, gigs and fashion shows are a great way to engage supporters from outside your family and friends. Use ticket sales and collection buckets to raise funds for whatever you are collecting for.

A great way to celebrate and show off talent in your company.


Fundraising by volunteers for Highwood 2016

On Saturday 12 December 2015 in the Saddlers Centre Walsall, Jim Elliott and Martyn Bedder were collecting for our 2016 July trip to the Somme.


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