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British Youth Council

The British Youth Council have welcomed volunteers from the CLCGB to participate in their exciting liberation event in London on May 31st. The aim of this event is to share experiences in safe spaces as well as create a charter for youth friendly reporting of hate crime. Equality 4 Us has been running now for 6 years and for the first time we are opening the event for non members of the British Youth Council.  Because of the work your organisation does with young people in this area, we would love see some of your youth representatives attend our event.

Equality 4 Us, is a chance for young people to explore five key liberation campaigns for groups within society that face discrimination. We will be looking at what equality is? how it affects young people as individuals? As well the reasons why the fight for equality goes on.

This year as well as providing a safe space for young people who identify as LGBT, BME, Young Women, Disabled and this year Young People of Faith to discuss issues that affect them, we will also be creating a charter for youth friendly hate crime reporting processes.

Last year's Youth Select Committee found that hate crime is under reported amongst young people. During this event we will be unpicking the barriers to young people reporting and creating a good practice charter to help services make sure their processes are young people friendly before sharing this with decision makers across the country.

This is a great chance to not only influence the policies of the British Youth Council but also meet with other youth organisations and young people to create a movement around these liberation campaigns.

Please register for this event via the Eventbrite link:

Deadline to register: May 23rd, 1pm  - Travel bursaries available.

Diary of events for 2018

We have published our calendar of events for 2018.  Please keep checking the website and our Facebook page as other events and further details will be published.  To download a copy click on the Calendar to the left or click on the following link:  pdf Calendar of Events 2018 (84 KB)



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