Resources - Six Seriously Awkward sessions

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The Children's Society have created some great resources for the most challenging issues that face young people today.

In this resource you will find the latest insight from The Children’s Society on some of the most challenging issues that face young people today. Our expert knowledge has been boiled down, crafted and refined into ‘six youth group sessions you simply HAVE to run’. These sessions will open up conversations on: selfworth, mental health, relationships, life online and much more. They’re designed to make a tangible difference to your young people and encourage them to do the same for the most vulnerable young people across the country. Our work always starts with listening to young people. This resource shares what we’ve learnt, so that you can be confident about discussing topics that can appear daunting. Before you s tart: The sessions are designed for Church-based youth groups aged 11–16 years old, and should take around an hour to an hour and a half. If you have less time, follow the essential stream – highlighted in yellow – to get the main teaching points across.

To access the resources click the following link:


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