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The Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade (CLCGB) is the Anglican Church's own youth organisation and it welcomes children and young people of all faiths and none. It has a highly regarded set of programmes, geared to various age groups - their interests, needs and stages of development.

Each age group has a wide ranging package of indoor and outdoor activities, with established programmes and activity packs. There are badge schemes and awards and the levels of challenge are appropriate to each age group.

Leadership is voluntary and drawn from the locality but leaders and helpers do not have to hold any prior qualifications.

What you will need to get a group off the ground

  • Two or three voluntary adults willing to give up an evening or so a week.

  • A meeting place, often a church hall, school or other community building.

  • The blessing of your local Anglican minister.

  • Enthusiasm, energy, sense of humour, love of children, commitment.

You will need to recruit two or three adults willing to run your local CLCGB group and you may wish to enlist the help of others who can share their hobbies and skills and talents with the young members. Such helpers do not have to be church members but all adults involved in helping with the group need to complete the legal requirement of a Criminal Record Bureau clearance process, to show that they are safe to work with children. That is a safeguard for all concerned and CLCGB is a registered and approved CRB Umbrella Organisation for itself and for various other organisations who wish us to help in this way.

New CLCGB groups could be eligible for a start-up grant provided by the Brigade Association. We may also be able to loan various items of equipment, eg drums.

The Brigade seeks to create safe, local opportunities for children and young people to engage in enjoyable, meaningful, worthwhile leisure activities within a Christian context They are encouraged to make new friendships, learn new skills, realise their full potential and enjoy positive adult role models to lead and inspire them.

The Brigade also encourages team working, self discipline, respect for others and the environment. To achieve this we are dependent on Parishes choosing the Brigade and its activity programmes for their local community.

We will help all we can and offer leadership training and support. A team of volunteer leaders and a venue in which to meet are the key ingredients that a Parish needs to contribute.

CLCGB has a Development Worker in your region who can come and explain how a Brigade group can be established. They will help you to get up and running and be there to help in the first weeks and then be on hand to help and assist with advice and practical support.

Click Here to find your nearest development officer.

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