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Brigade Membership System - BMS!

Our new BMS! is going live from Monday 20th January 2014.  All Commanding Officers/nominated contact's should have now receievd an email from Zoe containing their companies login details.

All companies are required to log in and update their Company, Leaders, and child details before the 10th February 2014.

Should you wish to nominate another person to manage your BMS data on your behalf, mail the BMS dedicated email support with their details for us to update.

Please note the nominated person must have completed the CLCGB recruitment and safeguarding checks.

Following the updating of your Companies on BMS! an invoice will be generated soon after 10th February 2014 to you advising you of your Companies 2014 capitation fees, this year’s capitation fees are £12.00 per member.

This fee is required to arrive at NHQ no later than the 24th February 2014.

Important, please note that due to changes in insurance clauses, failure to comply with these dates will result in your company being uninsured, unable to trade with stores, or take part in any Brigade events.

Failure to register a member/leader/helper will result in them being uninsured under the Brigade policy.  Once payment has been recieved at NHQ we will issue a certificate of insurance for you to display in your company.

For further information visit our dedicated page and if you are unable to find the answer on this page contact our dedicated mailbox at 


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