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We have put some questions and answers together for the introduction and continued support of the new Brigade Membership System (BMS).  If your query is not listed below or in the guidance documents (click here) please contact the dedicated mailbox and we will answer your query within 48 hours of receipt. 

Annual Capitation

Q. How are Annual Capitation fees set?

A. Brigade Council sets a subscription which is agreed on an annual basis. In addition, a further subscription may be set by the:

•        Battalion
•        Regiment

Capitation is collected and administered by NHQ. 
The annual Capitation is payable by all members, based on their membership and role on BMS. No member pays more than once.
For example, if a member has more than one role they will only pay the annual capitation once, usually at the most local level.  Each individual pays at the level where they hold their ‘main role’ as specified on BMS.
The money collected via the annual subscription benefits CLCGB at local and national levels. It covers necessary running costs and ensures that we meet the needs of our members.

It also finances:      

•        The development of resources for members.
•        Insurance for all registered members for CLCGB activities, including unit meetings
•        training for adult Leaders
•        Support for Leaders and recognised volunteers.

Your annual capitation may be collected in various ways. Some units charge higher regular subscriptions throughout the year to cover the fee. Some ask for it to be paid annually (on 10th January) some may charge new members a joining fee.

Q. A new member or officer wishes to join after I have completed and sent my annual capitation cheque.

A. Capitation fees are only charged once a year annually in January, if new members or officers join your company/Battalion/Regiment no further fee will be charged until the following January’s capitation is due.
However you must ensure the new members details are registered on the BMS system and any new Officers/Helpers complete an NF1 and You have also registered them on the BMS system. Any member/Officer/Helper not registered on BMS will not be covered by the CLCGB insurance policy, to attend meeting nights and CLCGB events.

Going Live

Q. When can we start using BMS!?

A. The system went live in January 2014.  Every Commanding Officer was issued with a secure user name in order to request a password to enable them to access BMS!

Q. How do I access BMS!?

A. To access BMS! You need to visit our secure site  You will not be able to use the username or password on our homepage.

Q. What amendments can we make?

A. You will be able to make changes to your personal details and check your addresses, telephones numbers and email addresses are correct.  You will be able to update your leaders and members personal details. You will be able to imput your company meeting place and times. All other processes e.g. changing roles, promotions, DBS, Service History, will continue to be administered by NHQ, to request an amendment please complete the short form by clicking here. 

Q. What does going live mean?

A. BMS ‘go live’ is the point at which NHQ amendment of records takes place at a local level e.g. The Officer in charge or nominated person details on the secure system.

Q. I have problems logging onto the website, will I be able to log onto BMS!?

A. Yes, BMS! is a stand-alone application.    

Q. What if I lose my password?

A. There is a ‘forgotten my password’ button on the system.  Each Officer in Charge has an email address recorded on the system, an email will be sent, if not you can contact the BMS support team at and they will be able to assist.

Q. How will future BMS! updates be advised once it has gone live?

A. We will use the opening page to issue updates as well as the current method of communication e.g. web update.  We will continue to update the system each month to make enhancements and non-urgent fixes.  Any urgent fixes or security updates will be made as required to ensure the system is functioning at full capacity.

Q. What happens if a role does not appear in the list available?

A. The roles shown on the ‘drop down’ list are those that have been agreed.  However, it is possible to have an alternative role title.  For example, an individual could have the role title Committee Member with a specific job. If you feel the need for extra role’s request these from BMS email support.

Q. How will Leaders who are away at University be recorded?

A. The “College/University Student” has been created with the Young Leader / Junior Leaders in mind.  A Leader who is aged between 18 and 25 living away from their home Company due to attending college or university, will have the individual status Male/Female member 18 - 25”.  This will enable reports to be run at NHQ to identify all of the members in that age group i.e. Non students irrespective of their role.

Access Levels

Q. Who can access BMS!?

A. In order to access BMS! Initially this will be an active Officer in Charge or recognised nominated person who has completed the appropriate recruitment checks for the role they will be undertaking.  In most cases this will be a satisfactory DBS and two satisfactory references.

Q. Will Commanding Officers be able to access details of all Leaders in the Battalion/Regiment with a specific qualification/skill?

A. No, but they will be able to ask NHQ to run a report for them.

Q. What happens when a Commanding Officer’s role changes or someone else takes on that role?

A. Because entitlements are ‘driven’ by the role, the access rights will automatically be given when the individual is active in the role.  Likewise when they reach the end of the term of office and the role becomes inactive they will lose the access rights for that role.

Q. What access rights will Battalion and Regimental Commanders have as the programme roles out?

A. They will have access levels to view only the company’s in there Battalion or Regiment.

Q. Who can access member’s data?

A. Only the Officer in Charge Nominated person can view, add and amend data.  

Q. How can CLCGB assure its members that the personal data held is secure, and any third party will ‘protect’ the data.

A. We do not have a third-party supplier so no information is forwarded or sold to other agencies, and all data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and GDPR and we take all reasonable care to prevent unauthorised access to this personal data.  The CLCGB are exempt from registering with the Information Commissioners Office as the CLCGB is a not-for-profit charity, however, the CLCGB fully adheres to the 8 key principles of Data Protection.

The CLCGB does not sell or share any personal information about you.

Our secure servers use the strongest encryption technology available, technology that is also used by banks and credit card companies to secure their online transactions.  In addition, our network is guarded by computers called ‘firewalls’.

Q. Why can't I add or edit some areas of BMS!?

A. The fields that are locked are the following:

BMS Member number
DBS Dates and Certificate numbers
Ranks for Leaders
First Aid

We have locked these fields as NHQ requires evidence of these from the OIC to ensure relevant training is in date and we are complying with our insurance policies and procedures.

Q. What are my ongoing commitments to updating the system?

A. We will require the CO or nominated person to keep the system upto date.  We require all new members and leaders to be recorded on the system within the first six weeks of joining Brigade.  This is for insurance purposes.  Accounts will always be calculated on membership as of 1st January each year as we know the membership fluctuates throughout the year.

Q. Can I make suggestions or amendments for updating BMS!?

Yes, we have setup an eforum on the CLCGB website which all members and leaders can access. To visit the forum click here: .  We will also be asking questions of leaders and users of BMS! at training and other events throughout the year to capture feedback.

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