Darryl Hewitt

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Who am I?

My name is Darryl Hewitt and I have just recently been appointed Deputy Governor of the Brigade with Special Responsibility for Ulster.

What I bring to the Brigade?

I have been a member of the Brigade since I was 10 (43 years membership in 2013).  I became an Officer in 1982 and have been a Battalion 2i/c, Battalion Training Officer, Battalion Commander of the 2nd Ulster Battalion, Regimental Training Officer, Regimental Commander of the Ulster Regiment (retired September 2013).  I have been a teacher since 1982 and am now a Senior Teacher in my School.

What brought me to the Brigade?

A school friend asked me to come down to St Saviour’s (The Dobbin) – just outside Portadown, on a Friday night – the rest as they say is history!!

What do I enjoy about the Brigade?

I have always enjoyed Brigade work, both as a Lad and as an Officer.  I felt that it was my duty – I know an old concept – to put something back into the Organisation that had served me so well.  Although the work we, as Officers, do in the Brigade can sometimes seem fruitless at the time, we must remember that when someone hits hard times they might remember something they learnt in the Brigade.

Something interesting about me?

I am a member of St Saviour’s Select Vestry and a proud and keen member of both the Orange Order and Freemasonry.  I also have a second job as a farmer as well.