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Sir Hamish Forbes Award

Every year, the "Sir Hamish Forbes Award" is presented to the CLCGB Company with the largest percentage growth in membership. The winning Company receives a certificate and a cheque for £100!

This year's winner will be based on the membership numbers as at New Year's Eve, so please make sure your BMS is up-to-date! The winning Company will be announced at the end of January.

Previous winners are:
2014 – Parish Carnmoney Girls
2015 – St Luke’s Ushaw Moor
2016 - St Cuthbert’s Miles Platting

The money was kindly provided by the CLCGB Association on their closure. Sir Hamish Forbes was a previous President of the Association. A factsheet can be downloaded by clicking the following link:  pdf Sir Hamish Forbes (88 KB)


Volunteers week survey results

Following Volunteers’ Week 2017 a short survey took place asking for feedback to help them improve next year’s campaign.

Thank you if you were able to complete this survey. Please see below for an overview of The Volunteers' week findings and how they will be used to make Volunteers’ Week 2018 even better. 

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Order of Service - Available upon Request

The Order of Service from the Service of Remembrance, held at the National Memorial Arboretum on 11th November 2017, are available upon request. If you would like a free copy, please email NHQ at

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