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NF3 Form updated June 2021

On the advice of the National Safeguarding Officer with immediate affect all Casual Helpers within the CLCGB will need to complete a DBS check via NHQ (renewable every 5 years) and Safeguarding Training via the Church of England Training Portal renewable every 3 years.

In light of this, a new Casual Helpers Disclosure Form (NF3) has been created and can be downloaded directly by clicking the following link:  document NF3 Casual Helpers' Disclosure Form (92 KB)

The policy change will also be reflected in the new Safeguarding Policy which will be issued out to companies shortly.

If DBS Application forms are required please advise and these will be posted out to you.

DBS Update

Please note that as of 1st July 2021 DBS has issued new guidance on the checking of I.D. follow this link: ID checking guidelines for standard/enhanced DBS check applications from 1 July 2021 - GOV.UK (


The OIC has the responsibility of checking I.D evidence can you please read the guidance thoroughly to ensure you are conforming to the rules correctly.

The old guidelines can be used up to October 1st but our advice from NHQ would be to use the new guidelines going forward.

For more information or any questions please contact Zoe at NHQ.

CLCGB Restart packs

As CLCGB Companies gear up to restarting face to face meeting again NHQ have restart packs to send to all companies registered on BMS.

Due to limited storage space, we would like to get the restart packs out to make room for the Banners & Sanitizer bottles, which will be the next mail out.

The packs we wish to send out in the next fortnight would contain, Posters (2) Leaflets blank or printed (175) Face masks (100) & Sanitizer wipes (126).

If you require leaflets printing with your company times etc email or we will send leaflets out with a blank centre, which you can overprint on yourself.

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