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CLB World War 1

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We are putting together a list of all the grave sites and memorials of members of the Church Lads' Brigade are buried and remembered at.

Part of the remembrance trip to High Wood will be to visit as many of these graves and memorials as possible to pay our respects to these men.

We need your help in find these brave men. Do you have any names that we can investigate.

Please find by clicking here the type of profile we can get.

The men did not only serve in the King's Royal Rifle Corps, we have profiles on men from Leicester who were in the Tigers (The Leicestershire Regiment). The more information you have the better

Our Agenda in France July 2016 is as follows
14th July 2016 travel to Albert
15th July 2016 Service High Wood - Act of remembrance at graves and memorials - Evening parade through Albert.
16th July 2016 Play at the Menin Gate before and after Last Post (Fully Confirmed)
17th July 2016 travel back home via Disney Land ( Arranging for band to play).

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