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Denham weekend away 2019

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Deputy Brigade Governor Martyn Bedder is in the process of organising a weekend away in July 2019 to Denham to mark the return of veterans and KRRC in 1919, this is a chance to give tribute to those men who returned and those who were left behind.

The weekend will include a parade through Denham and Drum Head Service at the grave of Walter Mallock Gee.

A copy of Martyn’s presentation which was put forward at the recent CLCGB AGM, along with an expressions of interest form can be downloaded below:

  pdf Denham 2019 Presentation (1.14 MB)

  document Denham 2019 Expressions of interest form (50 KB)

This event will be open to all Brigade Companies and Formations.

Please note that camping costs are estimated and travel costs would be down to the Company/Formation.

If you have any queries/comments please contact Martyn direct


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