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Sir Hamish Forbes Award

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Every year, the "Sir Hamish Forbes Award" is presented to the CLCGB Company with the largest percentage growth in membership. The winning Company receives a certificate and a cheque for £100!

This year's winner will be based on the membership numbers as at New Year's Eve, so please make sure your BMS is up-to-date! The winning Company will be announced at the end of January.

Previous winners are:
2014 – Parish Carnmoney Girls
2015 – St Luke’s Ushaw Moor
2016 - St Cuthbert’s Miles Platting

The money was kindly provided by the CLCGB Association on their closure. Sir Hamish Forbes was a previous President of the Association. A factsheet can be downloaded by clicking the following link:  pdf Sir Hamish Forbes (88 KB)


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