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Boys of the Brigade - At War

Boys of the Brigade - At war
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The Boys of the Brigade book has been written and published by Rob Bolton.

Boys of the Brigade - At War, tells the story of the early 20th century Brigade preparations for the forthcoming WW1, the contribution to the war itself on the battlefield and the home front. It also covers the cadet period between the wars and the CLB in WW2 and just afterwards.

Like Rob Bolton's other books, it covers not only CLB but BB, JLB, CBB etc.

The focus is on individual stories of brigade members and groups, which brings the whole business of war into perspective. There is a large section which concentrates on Remembrance, relating to commemoration which forms a part of the brigade's more recent history.

There are 180 pages, paperback, nearly 600 photographs, A4 size. Colour is used throughout.

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