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RISEN arrives in UK Cinemas this week

The wait is over: Risen arrives in UK cinemas this Friday! Now’s the time to book tickets - and if your struggling to find a local screening, we’ve got the answers. Anyone can easily find out where the film is showing (search for cinemas here), and contact their local cinema this week to request a screening if the film isn’t already being advertising there. Remember: the more people get in touch and buy tickets, the longer cinemas will keep Risen on their screens - and the more likely they are to show this kind of film in the future!

The free, official community resources are live and waiting to be downloaded. You will find everything you need to organise a fun and thought-provoking event based around Risen. The film is an opportunity the church can’t miss this Easter, exploring faith in an exciting and accessible way.

Training Matrix

We have recently published a training matrix to assist our members, young leaders, officers and volunteers in showing what training is required for each rank in the CLCGB.  To view a copy of the training matrix click on the following link (which will take you through to the CLCGB training website)



UK National Honours

Nominations are now open to be put forward from the youth sector for the UK National Honours. There are two lists published every year at New Year and again in mid-June on the date of the Queen’s official birthday.  
As you know, the honours process provides a great opportunity to recognise outstanding individual acheivements and highlight the contribution of the youth sector as a whole. We know that there are many people in the sector making a significant and sustained positive impact on the lives of young people, and we need your help to identiy these important individual within the CLCGB. 

We are sure there are many people who would be worthy of an award.  As this year we will be celebrating our 125 Anniversary it would be fantastic if we had several of our Officers, Members, and Volunteers receiving these award.

To find out more and to download the form click on this link: pdf UK National Honours (84 KB)


#iwill campaign

The #iwill campaign vision is to make social action the norm among 10-20 year-olds, whatever their background. 

The CLCGB has signed up to this campaign to show our support to making social action the norm across all of our companies.

The campaign is about:

1. Promoting the value of youth social action.

2. Youth social action is ‘young people taking practical action in the service of others to create positive change’.

3. Youth social action creates a double-benefit, strengthening communities AND developing the character and skills of young participants.

4. #iwill is for ALL young people, wherever they live and whatever their background.

5. #iwill is independent, cross-party, cross-sector and collaborative.

6. The #iwill vision is that by 2020, taking part in social action is the norm for all 10-20 year-olds.

7. The #iwill call to action is for more organisations to promote youth social action and create fresh opportunities. Additional messages:

8. The campaign aims to improve the quality, quantity and frequency of youth social action.

9. It will break down barriers to engagement in social action such as a lack of adult volunteers or opportunities.

10. Youth social action helps build character and citizenship. It also improves employability and enhances well-being.

11. #iwill was launched in November 2013 by HRH The Prince of Wales and the UK's three main political parties.

12. #iwill is coordinated by Step Up To Serve, a charity established to coordinate the campaign.

To find out more click on the following link: