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Cenotaph Parade 2017 - Closing date is rapidly approaching


We currently have only filled 13 out of the 65 places. Please show your support and attend this memorial event.

Dear OIC’s/correspondents

Audrey has applied for tickets for the Cenotaph Veterans’ Parade in Whitehall on Sunday 12 November 2017.

And is pleased to inform you that we have an allocation of  65 tickets the most we have ever received and it would be fantastic to fill all the places and show how our organisation contributed to our country over the 125 years of service

The British Legion will allow carers to accompany any veteran, as long as we include them in our ticket allocation, if you have any senior members who would like to be involved please invite and accompany them.

As I am sure you understand, the Cenotaph Parade is oversubscribed and there are a maximum of 10,000 places available. The Royal British Legions aim is to achieve a balance of representation across that total which accurately reflects the wider Veteran community, including from the Commonwealth. The Legion seeks to fairly ensure that as many Veteran Associations and Military Charities as is possible are represented on the parade. Within that intent, numbers have been allocated by prioritising those who have served on operations, both military and civilian, followed by others representing their remaining ex-Service membership and Bereaved Spouses.

Participant details - basic personal information for each participant. You must complete this by Friday 15 September 2017. 

  • Status
  • Ex Service personnel holding a campaign medal
  • Civilians deployed on operations in support of military (includes police, fire service)
  • Ex-service personnel with no campaign medal
  • Bereaved spouses or other immediate family (of those who died on operations
  • Veteran association representatives
  • Military Charities and associated civilian group
  • Carers
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Address
  • Post code
  • Military number (where applicable)

Due to heightened security measures the Metropolitan Police will conduct individual security checks on all participants.

Tickets will be sent to NHQ in October, by post, along with Joining Instructions for the day. We will then distribute these to the participants.

If you require parking please request when emailing NHQ with your personal details.

If you have any queries please contact Audrey Simm Chief Executive 01709876535 Ext 3 or mobile 07950 676860 

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St Woolos Cathedral Newport

St Woolos Cathedral, Newport, S.Wales

Our National Coordinator Perry Gunn recently attended a Lay Ministry event held at St Woolos Cathedral.

Perry was invited by Alan Carter The Captain from St Michaels Tintern, and was ably helped by young Ethan Bevan (JTC) who helped Perry to explain the benefits of CLCGB to all of the visitors from parishes around the area.

The photos show Perry arriving at Newport, proudly wearing his 125th Anniversary Medal, and the stand that Perry and Ethan set up.


Bursary form

As The Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade want everyone to be involved in all of our activities from all backgrounds. If times are hard and finances are tight CLCGB National Headquarters maybe able to assist with the Bursary scheme.

To download a form click here:  document Bursary Form (202 KB)  

Once downloaded and completed please follow the instructions on the form.