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Garden Party nominations finalised

The Chief Executive Officer of the CLCGB has personally congratulated the following people on being nominated and selected to attend the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 16th May 2017.

Andrew Hayday (Durham) Derick Jackson (Durham) Keith Wynne (Durham)  
Ailsa Wynne (Durham) Jeffery Holder (Leicester) Julie Holder (Leicester)  
Glen Redhead (Beverley) Patricia Redhead (Beverley) David Hartley (Longridge)  
Stella Hartley (Longridge) Freda Barber (Manchester) Alison Harwood (Manchester)  
Jean Carlin (Longridge) Victoria Croasdale (Longridge) Barbara Davies (Leicester)  
Davina Bown (Leicester) Johnny Conn (Ulster) Stephanie Conn (Ulster)  
James Elliott (Walsall) Terry Hissey (London)    

The CEO Audrey Simm said "The nominations and selection are in recognition of services to The Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade over many years, and we hope they all have a wonderful afternoon and look forward to seeing the photos and hearing about the experience".

National Band Concert 2017

This years National Band Concert takes place in Beverley on Sunday 30th April 2017. Tickets are only £5 and can be purchased by seeing the details below.

CLCGB Annual General Meeting

An early dates for your diary.

This year’s Annual General meeting will be held on 6th May at St James Rooms, Wath upon Dearne, S63 7RD.

The meeting will commence at 1.30pm, a light lunch will be available from 12.30pm. If you wish to attend then please notify NHQ.

Resources - Summer Prayer Journey for all ages

The reflections that make up this prayer journey have been designed for people of all ages and spiritual preferences. They can be used alone or with others, in pairs or groups. They could be part of a lengthy walk, a short trail round a house, garden or church, or used while seated in one place (e.g. at home).

The entire journey can be completed in an hour or two, or spread over several days. As presented here, the resources are particularly suitable for a self-guided journey, but if you are making the journey as a group it could be ‘leader led’.

There are ideas and suggestions in each section suitable for those journeying with children and those who may be housebound. Age is no barrier; indeed an older and younger person journeying together can be an enriching experience for both. All that is required is a pilgrim’s heart – one that is open to hearing God speak, and willing to reflect on the experience.

This handy guide is 2 sides of A4 which can be used on a Brigade evening by downloading it by pdf clicking here. (656 KB) If you use this material do let us know how it has gone at