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CLCGB Development Workers

The CLCGB now have regional development workers to assist in growing the Brigade.  To find out more about the CLCGB in your area please contact one of our officers below.

To find out more about our development workers and their contacts please click on the names below:


Staff name Email Address Work Tel. No.
North East Mike Perry

07538 887419

North West

Perry Gunn 07908 401512
Northern Ireland

Victoria Jackson 

07958 202724


Mike Perry

Mike Perry - Pen Portrait

My name as you may have guessed from the title, is Mike Perry. I am the newly appointed Marketing and PR officer. I am responsible for maintaining the Brigade’s corporate image and the production of various marketing tools from posters and flyers to promotional videos and presentations. I work at the request of the the Brigade Council, the Chief Executive Officer and work with the Development Team to achieve our common goal.
I have been a member of St. Aidan’s Company, Framwellgate Moor for the last six years and for the last two, the Second in Command at St Luke’s Company Ushaw Moor; subordinate only to my wife Colleen Perry. I have, however, been involved with CLCGB since 1987, the year I was born. I have been going to North East Camp since I was six months old and now that I’m older I am pleased to attend as an Officer.

Outside of Brigade life, I am a Swimming Instructor enjoying teaching the sport that I competed in as a teenager. I have a lovely dog called Lynn and Colleen and I enjoy taking her out for mini adventures when we get the chance.

Now that I am working out of National Headquarters, I am excited to have the opportunity to help the Brigade move forward and am looking forward to working closely with members and officers up and down the country.